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Stanley Dawejko Jr

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stanley your work is changing my life. Thank you for everything that you do. God bless

Sam J.
Stanley your books are amazing. Within 3 months I was able to change my whole life around. 

Kristen M.
I was skeptic at first, but now I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction. You gave me the strength I needed when nobody else could. 

Steven W.
Keep up the great work Stanley. I can see your work changing the world. The passion and love you show in your work is amazing. 

Frank R.
Are you READY to open your mind and experience the MATRIX?

Are you READY to use the Law of Attraction in a whole new way?

Are you READY to start living the life you always wanted?

If you answered YES then you are about to begin a whole new journey. 

In my line of work I get to interact with people all the time and the same questions kept coming up over and over again. 

​​What makes the Law of Attraction work?

Why can't I attract more money in my life?

​Why do I keep attracting negative results?

Is the Law of Attraction real?​

How can I attract my soulmate?​

~What people are saying about Stanley's work~
Blessings and Love to You Stanley...we received the soon as I got them, I put 2 copies where my clients wait and 1 copy I wanted to read. I am halfway through, and it is AMAZING. I want you to know I have been studying the Law of Attraction a long time, too. As a matter of fact I was trained as a scientist who took chemistry classes, and plenty of calculus based physics so the laws I was really familiar with...however...I never actually assimilated the spiritual portions of the Law into my soul/heart until only very recently...and now your book!!!! Written so well, and written so that we who have this maze of answers as 'how the law works' can rest from that and just know simply that it does, it write so well, so simply, and so sufficiently you are sending the message...Thank you again for your generosity and your wonderful work
More Love, and Peace Coming Your Way,
-Rev Tama
Thank you, Stanley for everything you do. Your a blessing, truly. I talk about you and everything you teach on a daily basis. I just bought a stack of your books to give for Christmas. My hope is that my family and friends will find peace and happiness in their lives, like you've inspired so many others to do. My family is constantly negative, especially my mother. Its hard to even have a positive conversation without being shot down with negativity. My hope is that your book, along with my conversations with them, will "plant some seeds" of inspiration.

I look forward to you everyday, for myself, and also to share your quotes and photos. Your a beautiful spirit and I feel blessed that I have the privilege to be part of this world with you.
Much love to you,

A great book from Stanley. I salute you bro for being a very strong person and how you see things in positive way. Thank you for sharing your life story. Your inspiring a lot of people who will read your book and change their lives. As you said, hopefully one day when we meet, you can give us a high five.. :) I highly recommend your books.

-Dalareich Polot
Hi there Stanley,

  Finished reading your book today! and I will share this to my son and with my husband too! Your book is truly an inspiration to me. Indeed, I can only admire you ( as a young man ). I find " Life Recipe for a rich soul " is really an inspirational book. All the positive ways and all your inspirational thoughts you've shared are truly inspiring to everyone. I find the best chapter of your book " When life Hands you Lemon, Make Lemonade. " Truly amazing life story of yours how you went through and how you overcome to all that... From now on! I will apply The Law of Attraction to my every day's life style. My wish to you now and hope that this time holiday season of the year many people will come and get acquainted to your book. Stay great as you are! Truly yours, i remain ... ♥ jr ... :-)
-Jill Roubroeks
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Words - The reality you live is based around the vibration of the words you speak.  It is the power behind your own words that can help transform your life. Let me help give you the unique tools to help you transform your words into a sculpting tool. 

Thoughts - Your thoughts create the reality you see around you.  The powerful vibration of your own thoughts can transform your reality.  This is where you must understand that the only reason you are living and creating the reality you see is from the vibration of your own thoughts. 

Feelings - The language of the universe.  This is the part where most people get stuck and confused. This is a major part of my teachings and is a must that you learn the power of your feelings so you can manifest your dreams and desires.

Water - Dr. Emoto did a research behind water using the power of your own words. What he realized was that the intention behind words had an affect on your own body. This research with water plays a big part in humanity. 
Vibrations - You must understand that vibration is part of who we are and part of the universe. Understanding your vibration will help you understand how to attract the life you want. 
I can say when you understand these topics you will have a completely different way of looking at life. I am very confident that within months of reading my work you will be able to change your life for the better. 

I am sure you have seen the The Secret but yet you still have questions. The Secret was an excellent documentary. It showed you the power of positive thinking. The Sec​ret was not meant to give you all the answers. This movie was there to help you get your feet wet, for you to do your own research and come up with your own solution. I had a lot of questions after I watched The Secret. I came to my cross roads where I could either go left and live a life where I felt trapped and broke, or I could go right and choose to live in abundance, joy and happiness. After applying the Law of Attraction I was able to change my whole life around.

 The thing was, I have already been applying the Law of Attraction to my life for years but had no clue. The Law of Attraction came to me like second nature as if I already knew how to use this law. I must of did something right or you would not be reading this right now. All my life whenever I put my mind to something it would almost manifest before my eyes. Out of everything I know I can tell you there is no limit in life. I believed in the Law of Attraction so much that I decided at the lowest point in my life that I would change it. 

I was so confident about changing my life that I decided I would write a book about it and turn my life around. From the first day I started to write my book I completely changed my life. I have yet to look back on my past and only move in the direction of helping and coaching others.  After my first book I was able to understand the Law of Attraction in a whole new way.  I realized we live in a world where anything and everything is possible.

Here are some simple principles that have to be applied in order to use the Law of Attraction
 The question I asked the universe was... how was this all possible? I can say it took about two years before I got the answers. But when I was able to cross my T's and dot my I's, I knew what the formula was. I knew how the Law of Attraction worked and how we could harness this law to create any life we want. 

After critiquing my technique with Law of Attraction, I could now coach people. The one thing I took notice to was everyone wanted to run before they could learn how to crawl. They all wanted money and they wanted it fast. After a few weeks of coaching, people really started to understand my method and were able to turn their lives around within months. I am a firm believer of starting from the ground up. I knew that if I did not teach people how to build a solid foundation that they would find themselves back to square one.