It is very important that you pay close attention, because what I’m about to tell you right now, Will change everything you’ve ever believed about the Law of Attraction. 

I’m going to share with you an approach to the Law of Attraction that’s so unbelievably powerful, yet so strikingly simple,that you’ll feel like you have control over the Universe!

I’ll show you the exact steps to not just get what you want but to communicate with the Universe in a way that guarantees you get everything you want, whenever you ask for it.

I call this approach “Mind Shifting” and using it will guarantee you get everything you ask the Universe for every single time.

I’ll come onto the details of Mind Shifting in a minute …

But first…

Let me ask you something: Have you tried to use the principles of The Secret and the Law of Attraction?

How well have they worked for you? I’m guessing that since you’re here, The Secret hasn’t been working for you at all. You see, I’ve met hundreds of people that have been trying to make The Secret work for years …

They tell me things like …

“I worked and applied these principles for the past five years and 
it has gotten me nothing and nowhere

“I see The Secret working for other people, but never for me – what am I doing wrong?”

“I’m losing faith”

They’re frustrated, disappointed and frankly, a little lost. That’s because there’s one thing that they don’t know and it’s the reason why the Law of Attraction hasn’t been working for them. It’s the missing link to The Secret.

This missing link makes the Law of Attraction work to give you everything you want and explains why, up until now, you’ve been getting everything you don’t want and I’m going to share this missing link to The Secret with you today so I want you to read this till the end!!

You’ll finally understand why the Law of Attraction hasn’t been working for you and how to make it work for you in an effortlessly simply way. I don’t know how long this page will be online for so read this now until the end, while you still can.

If you’ve been frustrated in the past because no matter how hard you’ve tried, you just can’t make the Law of Attraction work you can now breathe a huge sigh of RELIEF!

That’s because I’m going to teach you the step-by-step way to communicate with the Universe that’s so powerful, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you see results. You’re about to receive an unfair advantage in the Law of Attraction that will give you relentless determination and power to get exactly what you want out of life …

In a way that you’ve only previously dreamed of when you start to use “Mind Shifting” …

Money will start to flow to you …

Positivity will surround you…

And your life will transform before your very eyes without you having to make any effort at all.

If you’ve tried to use the Law of Attraction before and haven’t seen any results This techniques will give you the key to unlock the missing link to help visualize the life of your dreams with:

I’m Stanley Dawejko and I’m living proof that “Mind Shifting” works. I’ll tell you how  you can start to use “Mind shifting” in just a minute but first, I have to tell you shocking story about a woman you may recognize.

Her name is Jessica.  She’s a 38 year old woman who seemed to have everything in life: A respectable, well paid job. Great friends, A big house. A 10 year old daughter who loves and adores her. Good health. She had it all. Everyone who knew Jessica,her friends and family, thought she was doing well. They saw her as happy and independent, but in reality something was missing.

Take a peek behind the curtain and you’ll find:

Jessica was depressed. Being a single mother was hard, working full time and raising her daughter alone was exhausting. 

She would go to bed every night feeling the burden of work, bills and chores jessica was worried she was setting the wrong example for her daughter. 

She hated her body, which was more than a few pounds heavier than she wanted. Although she was free to date, she had no confidence to date at all. In fact, she hadn’t had a date in two years and this loneliness made her feel unloved, unwanted, and unnoticed …

She kept asking herself “why am I so unhappy?”

To make things worse Jessica compared herself to others all the time. Everyone else just seemed to have it so easy. Her co-workers didn’t do any exercise, yet were thinner than her. The people she’d gone to school with were all directors in business, and she was just a middle manager.

The parents at her daughters’ school handled work and parenthood like it was nothing. She secretly hated her sister, who may have had a smaller house and a lower paying job than Jessica but she had a loyal circle of friends who were there for her when she needed them.

Jessica didn’t have that and she envied her sister for it. As the days progressed, work piled up, and her confidence plummeted she kept telling herself that if she just worked hard and focused on what she wanted she would be happy one day. After all, good things come to those who wait, right?

So all she had to do was work hard and wait for her time to come. Just like it had for her colleague Christine. Christine worked in the same team as Jessica, was also a single mother and her life seemed to be flying. She had been promoted in her job twice in five months. She had lost weight and bought a whole new wardrobe of clothes …

Recently she was able to buy a new house and car and to top it all off, she’d just met a man and fallen in love.

But surprisingly …

It hadn’t been that way for Christine just eight months prior. Back then, Christine had been living in a rough part of town with her four year old son. She would come to work with dark circles around her eyes, and more lines on her face than a 36 year old should have. 

She looked exhausted all the time and always complained about how hard her life was, but in eight short months, Christine had transformed her life before Jessica’s eyes and Jessica couldn’t help but feel jealous of Christine.

After all, here Jessica was slaving away at her job, raising her daughter alone and doing everything yet Christine, who seemed to have had a worse life than Jessica’s had found a way to turn it all around.

It was so unfair …

But in the midst of feeling bitter and jealous, Jessica began to wonder: What’s Christine’s secret?

What had she done to make such big changes in such a short amount of time?

What did Christine know that Jessica didn’t?

With curiosity getting the better of her, Jessica decided to do some digging. She invited Christine for lunch and asked her to spill the beans on the secret behind her transformation.

Christine looked Jessica square in the eye and said: “Jessica, if I tell you, you’ll think I’m crazy” at this point, Jessica was so tired of working hard so disappointed in herself as a mother and so depressed about her life that she was willing to try anything to make her life better.

“Please tell me, Christine” Jessica begged. “I need to know”

“OK”, smiled Christine. “I’m going to a talk tonight. Come with me and it’ll tell you everything you need to know”. That evening, with her daughter safely sleeping over at a friends’ house, Jessica joined Christine at their local Barnes & Noble.

The store was hosting an author who talked about his new book. As Jessica watched the author give a reading of his book, she couldn’t help but overhear a conversation Christine was having with some of the other attendees. They were talking about a book called The Secret, and how they’d used it to transform their lives. Jessica wanted to know more, but was nervous to interrupt their conversation.

Jessica! she said to herself How can you expect to change your life if you’re not willing to take a chance?

Don’t do what you always do and hold yourself back. Just ask them! And she was so glad she did. Christine not only explained the principles of The Secret to Jessica she bought her a copy of the book so she could try it for herself.

For the next 4 months, Jessica dedicated herself to the principles written in The Secret. She did everything the book told her to do with so much passion that her heart was filled to the brim with it:

And yet nothing in her life changed. She was still working thirteen hour days, still single and feeling alone and still wondering when her break would come. 

When Jessica shared her experience with Christine, Christine was surprised: "I don’t know why this isn’t working for you” she sighed "Maybe you’re doing something wrong?

Frustrated and overwhelmed, Jessica decided to take matters in her own hands. She went online and decided to research the Law of Attraction. To her surprise she found forums and Facebook groups filled with people who felt just like her. They too were disappointed, felt foolish, duped and a little resentful.

No matter how hard they tried to visualize, manifest and feel differently, nothing changed. Jessica took all of this on board and decided it was time to stop believing in the power of the Law of Attraction "I’ve tried everything,” she told herself.

“I’ve given it all my energy. I’ve given it my all. Perhaps it just isn’t meant to be”

Accepting her lot in life, she went back to her routine but this time, she worked harder and longer hours, tried to be ok with the struggle, tried to accept her place in life because it was meant to be and tried to smile through the pain of loneliness. But deep down, Jessica knew this wasn’t the life for her and this certainly wasn’t the example she wanted to set for her daughter.

You see, Jessica knew she could make the Law of Attraction work she just needed to dig until she found the missing link. And that’s when I met Jessica. One Sunday night, she was digging around the internet trying to find the solution to making the Law of Attraction work when she stumbled onto my website. She read my story, felt ready for change, and she gave me a call ...

A week later, we met for a coffee "I’m at the end of my tether” Jessica told me. I’ve worked so hard for so long. I gave the Law of Attraction a really good go and it didn’t work. I deserve a break for all my efforts! Please, Stanley – tell me what I’m doing wrong!”

I could see the desperation in Jessica’s eyes. It pained me to see her struggling like this, especially when I knew making the Law of Attraction work was so simple. "Look,” I told Jessica. “You’ve been going about it all wrong since the very beginning”

Jessica looked shocked, but was willing to listen "You’ve been working hard” I went on. “You believe that the Law of Attraction is about trying harder by doing the same things over and over again.”

“I’ve got news for you, Jessica – it isn’t!”

“Without even realising it, you’ve done everything to make the Law of Attraction work. But instead of working for you, it’s been working against you.”

“But it doesn’t have to be like this!”

“You told me about your colleague Christine, and about how everything for her is so easy”

“The truth is – making the Law of Attraction work IS easy”

“You just have to know how”

“Your colleague Christine certainly does”

Jessica gazed at me with tears welling up in her eyes "Stanley … please tell me how to make this work. I’ll do anything. I want to make a better life for myself and I want my daughter to see how wonderful life can be”

And that’s when Jessica and I started working together. We met once a week. I explained everything I had done to make the Law of Attraction work in my life. I explained what I’d tried at the beginning that hadn’t worked and what I’d discovered that did work. That revelation alone was shocking to Jessica.

You see ‘the experts’ advise you to do what The Secret tells you to visualize, focus on the outcome 'act as if’ you already have what you want and you try hard to make it work …

But it doesn’t. Here’s the thing: It’s not your fault. What the ‘experts’ don’t tell you is the missing link that pieces it all together. 

The true key to unlocking the power of The Secret is the missing link to the Law of Attraction. And that link is so surprisingly simple that when most people find out what it is..

They’re shocked that they didn’t see it sooner. This missing link is called “Mind Shifting”. Remember Jessica’s colleague Christine who turned her life around? 

She knew what the missing link was and when I shared the principles of it with Jessica she was shocked at how quickly she transformed her life. 

She finally felt like she was in control. She had a secret weapon that she could apply to her life and picture the universe giving her whatever she asked for.

Let’s look at how Jessica’s life transformed while working with me:

She went back to school and started studying for qualifications that would better her career …

She was promoted in her job and got the directorship she wanted …

She began exercising and losing weight so that when summer came around …

She was confidently wearing the cute tops and shorts she had bought but never had the confidence to wear..

She was excited to wake up in the morning and had a joyous zest for life …

Her colleagues said things like “What’s been happening with you? 

I’ve never seen you smile so much!” and …

“Give me some of whatever you’re taking!”

And what’s more …

She joined a dating site and met the man she’s now engaged to. But that’s not all. The biggest change in Jessica’s life is how different her daughter now is by seeing how her mom has changed. Jessica’s daughter is more confident at school and tells her mom, "When I grow up, I want to be just like you" And all this in 12 months.


Remember earlier when I said I’d give you an unfair advantage over everyone else with the Law of Attraction?

You see, the principles of the Law of Attraction are thousands of years old. They are the principles working with air, water, nature and the planets. They were put in place when gravity was formed And these principles have been within our subconscious minds since the dawn of time.

That’s right – we’re all born with the principles and don’t even realize it!

Worse still – even when we do realize itwe don’t know how to use these principles. We don’t even wake up to the possibility of how great our life could be because we’re taught to accept what we already have. We’re taught to not want more because if we take, it means someone else is missing out . 

But the laws of the Universes say that there’s enough for everyone and it’s your right to have your fair share. But why is it that most of us don’t know how to use the principles of the Law of Attraction correctly?

It all comes down to one simple principle, A principle that’s so simple, yet most people find it very difficult to do, not because it’s complicated, but because they’re already doing it. Just in the wrong way.

And I’ve worked with hundreds of people to show them how to correctly apply this principle. It’s the missing link to the Law of Attraction that they use as their shortcut to success, in a way that Magnifies on what  they want and feel like they can control what the Universe gives them.

So here’s how it works:

You see, most ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’ will tell you that applying the Law of Attraction is all about visualization. That you have to sit, meditate, and visualize your ideal life, to ‘think positive thoughts’ and ‘do good deeds’ and everything you want will come to you.

But that’s not how it works, and the reason why it doesn’t work will shock you. You see, the Universe detects the messages you send out, so if you’re visualizing your dream in your mind, but feeling sad in your heart, then the visual image it disconnected with how you are actually feeling. Because visualizing, and ‘acting as if’ you are living your dream is one thing but actually living it, that’s another.

And that’s the missing link …

Because you can sit and mediate and visualize all you want but if you’re not feeling what you’ll feel when you live your ideal life, you’ve already lost. The message you send to the Universe will be confused and the Universe will give you exactly what you’re feeling wich is more pain …

More suffering …

More struggle …

And more of what you don’t want.

So even though you think you are not making the Law of Attraction work for you, you subconsciously are. So to make the Law of Attraction work for you in the way you want it to work. 

You have to take notice of the feelings you send out to the Universe. Because these feelings are vibrations, just like every atom in every cell of everything in this world vibrates in its own energy. Your feelings create this same vibrational energy, so the stronger your vibrational energy is ,the more the Universe will take note and give you what you’re feeling. 

So if you’re feeling desperatealone and feeling like life is hard, the Universe will give you this, using the energy the Universe was designed to respond to.

So the Universe has been doing its job all along …

It can’t do anything else !


This is why just trying harder doesn’t work because all you’re doing is telling the Universe to give you more of what you don’t want. I mentioned before that using the principles in “Mind Shifting” will help you visualize everything you ask the Universe for,  I also mentioned that I’m living proof that this works.

So it is time I told you my story.

I’ll keep it short, because next I’m going to tell you exactly how you can access “Mind Shifting” for yourself. Keep reading as I will reveal that in just a second.

You see, a few short years ago, my life was on a downward spiral. My mom had just died suddenly, my dad tried to commit suicide and was in hospital, my mortgage company was plummeting along with the economy, my gas was shut off and my house went into foreclosure, my wife and I were arguing so much that we decided to go our separate ways …

To be honest … my life was miserable. I had had the worst year of my life I was broke, without a mother, my marriage fell apart, my life was like a sinking ship. But I knew in my gut there was more to life than all this suffering all around me. I saw people that had everything I wanted …

A big house, a brand new car they’d driven off the lot, a beautiful wife and healthy kids, a job they loved …

How was it that they got everything they wanted so easily and I was forced to struggle?

How come they could just snap their fingers and get what they want and all I got was more struggle, more pain, more suffering? What did they know that I didn’t? And that’s when I started learning about The Secret and the Law of Attraction I passionately applied everything I was taught ..

But nothing worked ... until I started digging deeper. It took me six months of dedicated research until it finally clicked and that’s when my own life started transforming before my very eyes. 

Within 2 months of getting a new job, I made enough to get my house out of foreclosure, bought a brand new car cash, and was up to date on all my bills. My life was more amazing than I had ever dreamed. I felt like I was the one who knew something everyone else didn’t …

Now it was me who had the unfair advantage, It was me who was able to automatically get whatever I asked the Universe for. Can you imagine how great that felt?

To know that, no matter where I am and no matter what I’m doing, I can use this new knowledge to get whatever I wanted. I won’t lie to you – I felt like I had superpowers !

But I wasn’t willing to keep what I learned to myself because with every person around me that was ridiculously successful, there were ten more who weren’t and I couldn’t just stand by and watch that happen. I felt compelled to do something about it which is why I developed some key principles. 

The exact principles I outline, step-by-step, in “Mind Shifting” that are proven to transform anyone’s life when they apply them …

The principles are so stunningly simple so easy to use and so massively powerful that it’ll feel like you anything you put your mind to you will achieve. So if you want to stop suffering and struggling in life, if you want to know how to make manifestation work like magic, if you want to know exactly why the Law of Attraction hasn’t been working in your life until now …

I have some great news for you …

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain and giving you every single step in “Mind Shifting”

That’s the missing link to making the Law of Attraction work. It’s something I’ve taught to hundreds of people and helped transform their lives. And today, I’m introducing those very same principles to you so you can finally use them to get the life you want in record time.

I’ve taken the principles and packed them into a simple program called:

The Dream Life Generator Program

This “Mind Shifting” takes you by the hand and guides you to working with the skills you already have in your subconscious mind giving the Universe the exact messages it needs to hear to help you visualize what you want.

Here are just a few things you’ll discover in Dream Life Generator Program:

In Chapter 1, you’ll discover one basic principle that’s missing in  The Secret, and how  to effortlessly apply it to start seeing changes in your life today.

What do you do when you’ve tried visualizing, meditating and ‘acting as if’ and it still isn’t working?

In Chapter 4, I give you a simple exercise that automatically trains your brain to constantly create positive energy that communicates directly with the Universe …

To give you everything you want, when you want it. Don’t have a lot of time to commit to making massive change?

No problem!

Turn to Chapter 8 where I reveal the simple trick that makes manifestation work like magic –in just 10 minutes a day

Chapter 7 is perhaps the most important chapter in the entire guide. It uncovers the one thing everyone does every single day that stops the Law of Attraction from working and actually encourages the Universe to give them what they don’t want.

You won’t want to miss learning what that is!

Did you know that your beliefs manifest themselves in your life?

They’re rooted deep in your subconscious and some people get years of therapy to try and change them. When you open up Chapter 6, you will discover the one simple trick to instantly change the negative beliefs you have into radiantly positive ones.

Do you keep trying to make the Law of Attraction work and failing? There is only one reason this keeps happening, and the answer is in Chapter 2 …

Feeling sceptical about whether all of this actually works?

Well I have news for you …

In Chapter 9, I give you solid evidence of the exact letters that confirm I got my house back after it went into foreclosure and the exact contract I signed to buy a brand new car.

The ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ never reveal things like this!

Like I said earlier, I’m living proof that this works and it will work for you too. Have you heard that your thoughts create your reality? 

In Chapter 7, you’ll discover why this is true, and the exact technique you need to make sure those very thoughts get what you want from the Universe … 

Turn to Chapter 6 where I reveal one of the most powerful manifestation techniques I’ve ever taught …

This one technique has the power to instantly transform any moment in your life …automatically …It’s that powerful!

There’s one tiny mistake that a lot of people using the Law of Attraction make, and it prevents them from ever making it work in their life …

Turn to Chapter 1 for the answer ….

In Chapter 3 you’ll discover the reason why you’ve been struggling for so long in your life so far. You’ll be shocked at how simple it is to change this and how quickly you start manifesting positivity. 

Wondering what to do when your kids play up, or when you feel like you’ve lost all control of your life?

Flip to Chapter 5 and I’ll show you the one technique you need today to get back control and finally relax. And something else, chapter 5 also reveals the exact steps to take if you’re struggling to manifest more money in your life, or a new job.

You don’t want to miss it. This one simple technique alone transforms the way you manifest money and will virtually guarantee you have the money you need, when you need it.

Chapter 5 alone will give you the secret to doing this instantly. You’ll learn why the brain can’t distinguish between what’s real and what’s visualized which means you can trick your brain to create the energy vibrations needed to tell the Universe what you want.

Make sure head to Chapter 8 to unlock the code to effortlessly mastering your energy vibrations. 

Trust me, I could talk about everything this programme gives you for hours but we’re running out of time.  I’ve barely begun to explain the true power 

Here, let me be honest with you for a second …

You see, these techniques are incredibly powerful, easy to use steps that give you what you want in your life when you want it and make you feel like you’re in control of your life.

Anyone lucky enough to get them is lucky enough to have an unfair advantage over everyone else !

So let me ask you this:

Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams?

​With this simple method you will be able to see yourself with:

I can see you nodding your head saying 
“Yes, Stanley! I’m ready!”

How much time have you wasted visualizing your ideal future creating vision boards trying hard to ‘act as if’ you have what you want?

Think of all the time you’ve wasted living a life that isn’t making you happy and trying to accept that this is ‘just the way it is’?

The great thing about money is that you can always manifest more but you can never get back time you’ve lost.

Now, given that these techniques gives you the solution to the things you need to make the Law of Attraction work and help you visualize everything you ever wanted.

What do you think a program like this would cost?

I spoke to the people that have worked one-on-one with me to ask them what they would pay for a program like this and they told me, that $497.00 would be a comfortable figure. 

The impact on their lives has been that powerful. But because I know how magically transformative this program is I wanted to price it so that it’s affordable for everyone.

So I asked hundreds of people in a Facebook group I run …people who are desperate to get their hands on a life changing program like this what they would pay.  And they told me they would pay $247.00 but that number still didn’t feel comfortable to me.

I’ve created a program that gives you the missing link to making the Law of Attraction work I wanted to make the program affordable for everyone which is why I decided to do something totally insane …

Right now, you won’t pay $497.00 for  The Dream Life Generator

You won’t pay $247.00 

You won’t even pay $199.00 for it.

Right now, I’m handing you the complete “Mind Shifting” program – your secret weapon to effortlessly make the Law of Attraction work – 
Sale price today$27

This isn’t a joke !

Every single chapter in this program will give you the exact steps to help make the Law of Attraction work all you have to do to grab this amazing offer is click the button below now.

And if this wasn’t unbelievable enough, I’m also giving you something else.

So, for a very short period, I’m also going to give you these 4 exclusive bonus gifts FOR FREE:

Gift 1 is an audio guided meditation that not only leads 
you to visualize your ideal life.

Gift 2 is the Creative Thinking Chart – a visual aid that’s the backbone to making the Law of Attraction work for you. 

If you’ve felt like every intention you set using the Law of Attraction was a failure because it just didn’t work, then the Creative Thinking Chart is going to blow you away!

It’s the one technique that people working one-on-one with me were so unbelievably excited about …

They constantly raved about it to their friends. It got them instant results and it made them feel completely invincible. It’s a simple chart that you complete every day that not only lists your intentions, but connects them to your thoughts and feelings so that when you’re ready to ask the Universe to give you what you want ... the Universe will do exactly what you say.

And I’m literally handing this to you, not for $29.00 that it usually costs – but for FREE when you buy  The Dream Life Generator

Gift 3 is the Secret Positive Affirmations List.

Gift 4 is the big one! And to be completely honest … I think I’m a little crazy for offering this for FREE and by giving this away, it shows my commitment to getting the “Mind Shifting” message out into the world.

But right now, I’m handing you all of those for just 
Sale price today $27

So here’s what you need to do right now …

Click the button below and you’ll be taken to a secure payment page.

Your life will transform before your very eyes and you’ll be wishing you’d known about this exclusive program sooner! And I’m so confident that “Mind Shifting” will transform your life, that I’m offering a completely crazy guarantee.

Get your Dream Life Generator System and apply its principles for a full 60 days and start seeing your life transform. 

If, within 60 days you think The Dream Life Generator wasn’t worth it,  just send me an email  and I’ll refund every penny.

I believe in this program so much that I’m willing to take all the risk and show you exactly how it will work for you. And I’m honored to say that since I started selling this  program, I haven’t had a single refund request …

That’s how powerful this program is. But don’t just take my word for it...

Try it for yourself for a full 60 days!
There’s just one word for you to say: YES !

If you’re wondering if this program will work for you, let me ask you this:

Are you sick of sitting back and watching other people get 
everything they want in life?

Are you tired of waking up every morning going to a job you hate?

Are you worried what example you’re setting your children and 
wondering when life will just get better?

Do you frequently think ‘there has to be more to life than this’ and 
wonder how on earth you’ll find it?

Have you tried to use the Law of Attraction only to find 
it just doesn’t’ work for you?

How much time have you wasted feeling like this?




It really doesn’t have to be this way. You can have everything you want in life. You can look in the mirror every day and love the reflection you see. You can find your dream job and actually enjoy what you do, day in day out.

You can have the power to buy the car you want … with cash. You can transform your health to have a strong, healthy body.

You can meet that someone special (or form a deeper connection with your existing partner) and feel completely in love.

And not only can you get … you deserve it.

Heck, if anybody deserves all of that ... it’s YOU.

Get your hands on the exclusive, step-by-step process of making the Law of Attraction work like magic. Give yourself the opportunity to feel how good it feels to ask the Universe for what you want ... and get it!

Have the opportunity to turn your life around and keep moving on up.

You deserve to be happy …

To have a life free of worry and stress …

To wake up feeling excited to start your day …

To look into your future and see abundance, opportunity, and joy. And when you click the button below to get your copy of  The Dream Life Generator, you do all of this risk free.

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I’m 100% confident this program will work for you with instant and surprising results, which is why I’ve decided to take all the financial risk myself and offer the 60 day money back guarantee.

All that remains to say is this offers like this don’t come around often. I can’t promise I’ll be making an offer as amazing as this again. And you know what separates the lucky ones in life from everyone else? When they’re faced with a choice – they make the decision based on what’s best for them. 

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more money …

A bigger house …

A better job …

A beautiful body …

Travelling the world …

Or being financially free …
She meditated …

She visualised …

She created positive feelings …
It’s like using MapQuest to go from point A to point B. You’re sat at point A, and program the destination of point B into MapQuest. Then MapQuest calculates the route and gives you the exact steps to take to get to point B all because of the command you gave it for point B in the first place!
Well I’m going to reveal the missing link to you right now!

Are you ready for it? 

I can see you nodding your head saying “Yes, Stanley!”

OK … let’s dig straight in …
I meditated …

I visualized my ideal life …

I created vision boards and surrounded myself with positive notes …
More money ..

A better job …

A new car or house …

Are you ready to meet that someone special?
Do you repeat the same affirmations daily and just feel … bored?

Are you repeating the same words over and over again with no results?

The Secret Affirmations List contains powerful affirmations that tap into your heart and magically create the positive energy vibrations the Universe needs to see to give you what you ask for.

Trust me … when you start using this list, you’ll instantly realize why the old affirmations weren’t working for you. And the entire list won’t cost you $19.00 … 

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In Chapter 3 uncovers the hidden messages you’ve been giving yourself your whole life – without even realizing it – that have held you back from getting the life you want and deserve. And more importantly – it shows you the exact steps you need to take to change this, so you start living a more prosperous life today.

Chapter 12 is going to shock you. It reveals the exact gland in your brain that’s responsible for how effective your visualizations are It’s based on scientific research and I show you how to control this gland to make your visualizations so unbelievably powerful that you’ll literally be shocked at how quickly they come to life!

Once you buy The Dream Life Generator System, you will start to feel completely in control of your life.

You will communicate with the Universe using positive vibrational energy and get exactly what you want, when you want it. The advantage of Thoughts the Universal Code to Creating Your Own Reality is that it gives you the secret weapon to using each technique in “Mind Shifting” for the rest of your life. 
I could go on about how insanely useful this program is, but we don’t have much time!

And I won’t be charging you the usual $57.00 for it … it’s yours FREE when you buy The Dream Life Generator System today.

When you combine the exclusive techniques in “Mind Shifting” and Control the Universe, you have a complete solution to working with the Universe to get what you want, when you want it. 

With Thoughts the Universal Code of Creating Your Own Reality, we dig deeper into exactly why you have the thoughts you have, and how to changes these to positively change your destiny.

Chapter 2 gives you a daily technique that pinpoints the exact thoughts you need to change – and how to change them – to start seeing insane results today.
I usually charge $27.00 for this guided mediation, but with when you buy the The Dream Life Generator today, it’s yours for free.
"Your Purchase Is Backed By My 100% Iron-Solid, Satisfaction 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee!"
"Your Purchase Is Backed By My 100% Iron-Solid, Satisfaction 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee!"
Hi there Stanley,

  Finished reading your book today! and I will share this to my son and with my husband too! Your book is truly an inspiration to me. Indeed, I can only admire you ( as a young man ). Your work " is really an inspirational book. All the positive ways and all your inspirational thoughts you've shared are truly inspiring to everyone. I find the best chapter of your book " When life Hands you Lemon, Make Lemonade. " Truly amazing life story of yours how you went through and how you overcome to all that... From now on! I will apply The Law of Attraction to my everyday's life style. My wish to you now and hope that this time holiday season of the year many people will come and get acquainted to your book. Stay great as you are! Truly yours, i remain ... ♥ jr ... :-)
-Jill Roubroeks

Thank you, Stanley for everything you do :-) Youre a blessing, truly. I talk about you and everything you teach on a daily basis.  My hope is that my family and friends will find peace and happiness in their lives, like you've inspired so many others to do. My family is constantly negative, especially my mother. Its hard to even have a positive conversation without being shot down with negativity. My hope is that your program, along with my conversations with them, will "plant some seeds" of inspiration.

I look forward to you everyday, for myself, and also to share your quotes and photos. Youre a beautiful spirit and I feel blessed that I have the priviledge to be part of this world with you.
Much love to you,
"Your Purchase Is Backed By My 100% Iron-Solid, Satisfaction 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee!"
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Blessings and Love to You Stanley... I am halfway through, and it is AMAZING. I want you to know I have been studying the Law of Attraction a long time, too. As a matter of fact I was trained as a scientist who took chemistry classes, and plenty of calculus based physics so the laws I was really familiar with...however...I never actually assimilated the spiritual portions of the Law into my soul/heart until only very recently...and now your program!!!! Written so well, and written so that we who have this maze of answers as 'how the law works' can rest from that and just know simply that it does, it write so well, so simply, and so sufficiently you are sending the message...Thank you again for your generosity and your wonderful work
More Love, and Peace Coming Your Way,
-Rev Tama

I lost my job im on unemployment, which is coming to an end. been havin difficult times. I read your book and tried to understand as much as i could. why not? its a positive subject matter, anyway since that day I been holding my head up and believing I can change things. Things are seeming to change on their own. I feel no anger. Today alone I landed two jobs and have an interview thurs for a third. Im sure ur book is literally now written on my face even friends keep askin y are u smiling or whats that pep in ur step for? when i dont realize im even smiling or pep steppin. Im not sayin my whole world is better or I wouldnt eventually have gotten employment, but I definately can say u got me thinkin in diff ways which has an effect on everything around me. THANK YOU !
-Rickey Manley

Hi Stanley.  Things are happening fast and I am trying to process it all.  Your suggestion has been helpful for me. In February/March of this year, I started this process of focused intention. I wrote down all my goals and time frames and did the work of imagining, feeling outcome ,etc. Nothing seemed to work and I keep falling deeper and deeper into financial distress.  I would fall into a funk, and panic about money. I tried doing what you suggested. Everytime I would start to feel the worry, fear, or panic, I just changed my thoughts to imagining how it feels to pay my bills on time, have extra money in my wallet and bank account, be established in a new career situation, etc.  WOW. I just had the most wonderful offer from a physician, to join with him in his practice. It is ALMOST exactly what I imagined in February/March. I imagined a physician offering for me to use his office space, to camp out in one of his offices, and to supply me with referrals (his patients). Can you BELIEVE IT???? ( I think you can). I still have 5 bills unpaid this month and this transition to the new office setting will take some time, but in the meantime, another physician asked me to run a group for him on Tuesday mornings and I started that this past week. So, extra cash is on the way in the next few weeks. Thank you so so much for the helpful advice! I will keep you posted. You are an angel :)
-Nancy A, Ph.D.

A great book from Stanley. I salute you bro for being a very strong person and how u see things in positive way. Thank you for sharing your life story. Ur inspiring a lot of people who will read your program and change their lives. As you said, hopefully one day when we meet, you can give us a high five.. :) I highly recommend your work. 
-Dalareich Polot
Ounce payment is received you will have immediate access to products with instant download.
Ounce payment is received you will have immediate access to products with instant download.