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I have prepared a detailed book that I want you to read from start to finish. As you read each chapter you will begin to have a sense of relief. You will begin to:

Feel more vibrant
Feel more in control
Have a sense of direction
Begin to create the life you deserve
To understand why thoughts become things





I had a student at the time who read my work and said it dramatically changed his whole way of thinking. He felt as if he could now see exactly what he was doing wrong and was able to start thinking in a way that he could create any life he wanted. He went from living at home with his parents, not working, no car and to top it all off he lost the love of his life. Within 3 months his whole life changed; a complete 180.

Blessings and Love to You Stanley... I am halfway through, and it is AMAZING. I want you to know I have been studying the Law of Attraction a long time, too. As a matter of fact I was trained as a scientist who took chemistry classes, and plenty of calculus based physics so the laws I was really familiar with...however...I never actually assimilated the spiritual portions of the Law into my soul/heart until only very recently...and now your book!!!! Written so well, and written so that we who have this maze of answers as 'how the law works' can rest from that and just know simply that it does, it does...you write so well, so simply, and so sufficiently you are sending the message...Thank you again for your generosity and your wonderful work
More Love, and Peace Coming Your Way,
-Rev Tama

I lost my job im on unemployment, which is coming to an end. been havin difficult times. I read your book and tried to understand as much as i could. why not? its a positive subject matter, anyway since that day I been holding my head up and believing I can change things. Things are seeming to change on their own. I feel no anger. Today alone I landed two jobs and have an interview thurs for a third. Im sure ur book is literally now written on my face even friends keep askin y are u smiling or whats that pep in ur step for? when i dont realize im even smiling or pep steppin. Im not sayin my whole world is better or I wouldnt eventually have gotten employment, but I definately can say u got me thinkin in diff ways which has an effect on everything around me. THANK YOU !
-Rickey Manley

Hi Stanley.  Things are happening fast and I am trying to process it all.  Your suggestion has been helpful for me. In February/March of this year, I started this process of focused intention. I wrote down all my goals and time frames and did the work of imagining, feeling outcome ,etc. Nothing seemed to work and I keep falling deeper and deeper into financial distress.  I would fall into a funk, and panic about money. I tried doing what you suggested. Everytime I would start to feel the worry, fear, or panic, I just changed my thoughts to imagining how it feels to pay my bills on time, have extra money in my wallet and bank account, be established in a new career situation, etc.  WOW. I just had the most wonderful offer from a physician, to join with him in his practice. It is ALMOST exactly what I imagined in February/March. I imagined a physician offering for me to use his office space, to camp out in one of his offices, and to supply me with referrals (his patients). Can you BELIEVE IT???? ( I think you can). I still have 5 bills unpaid this month and this transition to the new office setting will take some time, but in the meantime, another physician asked me to run a group for him on Tuesday mornings and I started that this past week. So, extra cash is on the way in the next few weeks. Thank you so so much for the helpful advice! I will keep you posted. You are an angel :)
-Nancy A, Ph.D.

A great book from Stanley. I salute you bro for being a very strong person and how u see things in positive way. Thank you for sharing your life story. Ur inspiring a lot of people who will read ur book and change their lives. As you said, hopefully one day when we meet, you can give us a high five.. :) I highly recommend your work. 
-Dalareich Polot
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You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.
I truly believed every word he said..

In fact, I truly believed in his work so much I wanted to find out why our minds were so powerful. I believe I found Napoleon Hill's secret. I now know why we have the capability to create any reality we want.

Within the secret that I'm about to share with the world. I believe it can change the world as we know it.

If everyone knew the power of there own mind. Everyone would live in peace love and abundance. After all, that is the reason why you landed on my page..

You want to live a life filled with..

We all want this but why do we simply fail at it over and over again?

It's quit simple..

Most of us at an early age have been brain-washed into a certain way of thinking. We believed what our parents taught us and learned to do what society expected of us.

It really wasn’t until the hit movie ‘The Secret’ came out that people started to see how powerful the mind really can be. It took the world by storm. More and more people wanted answers as to why they were not taught this information. More and more people wanted to know how they can experience a life full of abundance.

In Napoleon Hill’s book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ he really helps people understand this way of thinking. But mainstream media just didn’t have the desire to make it go worldwide.
I believe everything happens at the right time. I’m not sure if the world was ready to handle the true meaning of the power of our thoughts at that time. You see, we have all come so far in life. We had our ups and downs. We tried and tried to harness the power of the law of attraction but seemed to keep failing.

Well I believe now is the right time for you to understand the power of your own thoughts. This is the reason you landed on this page. 

You are ready.

You are ready to unlock the hidden power within your own mind.

You will have the necessary tools to help you manifest any desire you can dream of. Your mind will show you how to achieve any goal you want.

Your mind will begin to act as a GPS to show you how to achieve any goal you put your mind to Within a few days of reading my book you will notice a huge difference in your life. The reason why I say this because its simple math.

2 + 2 = 4 right?

Well that is what we were taught in school anyway, my point is when you do simple math you know 2 + 2 = 4 you would not go backwards and say it equals 3 after reading my book your life will dramactly change, not going back to the old way of thinking, it's really that simple..

Each chapter was designed to help you gain more and more power over your own thoughts 
I put detailed information in my book to not only help you achieve great success. But I also cross reference my work so you can understand why my information will help you. 

My statistics, out of all the people who read my book, saw results in as little as a week.

Yes..I am not kidding 
Napoleon Hill once said
You see most of us actually use the power of the Law of Attraction every day. We say and think positive thoughts, but most of us don’t understand why and how this all works. So when we break down we don’t know how to build or fix ourselves.

I’ve written my book in a such way that you will understand how and why your thoughts are so powerful. You’ll have the tools and the solutions to conquer your dreams and not be stranded looking for help from others.

I want to give you this secret.

I will guarantee when you read my book from start to finish, you will have a better prospective on how you can change your life, attract financial abundance, attract your soulmate… attract whatever your heart desires.

Best of all, my book was written so anyone can follow it.

I want to help you become free from the false illusion you once lived.

Let me help you live the life of your dreams.

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Your new life awaits you!
Hi there Stanley,

  Finished reading your book today! and I will share this to my son and with my husband too! Your book is truly an inspiration to me. Indeed, I can only admire you ( as a young man ). Your work " is really an inspirational book. All the positive ways and all your inspirational thoughts you've shared are truly inspiring to everyone. I find the best chapter of your book " When life Hands you Lemon, Make Lemonade. " Truly amazing life story of yours how you went through and how you overcome to all that... From now on! I will apply The Law of Attraction to my everyday's life style. My wish to you now and hope that this time holiday season of the year many people will come and get acquainted to your book. Stay great as you are! Truly yours, i remain ... ♥ jr ... :-)
-Jill Roubroeks

Thank you, Stanley for everything you do :-) Youre a blessing, truly. I talk about you and everything you teach on a daily basis. I just bought a stack of your books to give for Christmas. My hope is that my family and friends will find peace and happiness in their lives, like youve inspired so many others to do. My family is constantly negative, especially my mother. Its hard to even have a positive conversation without being shot down with negativity. My hope is that your book, along with my conversations with them, will "plant some seeds" of inspiration.

I look forward to you everyday, for myself, and also to share your quotes and photos. Youre a beautiful spirit and I feel blessed that I have the priviledge to be part of this world with you.
Much love to you,
 I will also include these powerful guided meditation MP3's at no additional charge!
Guided meditation is an extremely powerful way of eliciting change in your life, due to the nature of the way the brain works.

When you experience something in real life your brain changes it's neural pathways, and will pass on information to your subconscious mind to store for future use.
  • No tow truck service 

  • No cell phone service

  • Now you are stranded 

  • What to do next?  
Applying these powerful techniques to his life, within 2 weeks he found a new job. A few week later bought a car, got back with the love of his life, then bought a new home 2 months later. Now he is living in his new home, with the love of his life and they both just started a new family with a their first child. He now is following the life of his dreams. True story!

The secret to success is not only in applying these techniques to life but understanding the way these techniques work.

My secret is so simple, yet so powerful, you can literally apply this to your life right away and see results...FAST!

Let me give you a quick example why it’s important to understand how this all works:
You wouldn’t try to repair your own car if you didn’t know how to do that. You’d hire a mechanic.

Wouldn't you agree most people find a mechanic to fix their car when it breaks down?We rely on a mechanic to fix the problem to our cars when something goes wrong.Now let's say later on you find yourself broken down once again on the side of the road with no mechanic stations in a 20 mile radius.

Well you are not a trained mechanic and you don't have the tools to fix it
What do you do?

We left it up to the mechanic to fix our cars not saying this is wrong . I just want you to understand we do the same thing with ourselves. We might have the tools to fix our car or truck but we don't know how to use them.

Why? Because they’re the professionals. They know how to use the tools to make things happen.

Once you learn how to use the tools of your mind the proper way, you’ll be able to work wonders and make major changes in your life.